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30 October 2010 @ 04:45 am
The thing about Gaspar Noe, cinema’s premier agent provocateur (“I Stand Alone,” “Irreversible”), is that it’s hard to know when he’s serious and when he’s punking us.

“Enter the Void” won’t settle matters; audiences will be either outraged or enraptured by this bizarre yarn inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead … maybe both at once.

Oscar (Nathaniel Brown) shares a cramped Tokyo apartment with his sister Linda (Paz de la Huerta). He deals drugs. She dances in a gentleman’s club.

The premise of this hallucinatory epic is that Oscar is shot and killed in a bad drug deal; from the hereafter he reviews his life while hovering over Linda and other acquaintances until he can be reborn in a new body.

In the first 30 minutes — filmed, apparently, in one uninterrupted take — we follow a very stoned Oscar and his friend Alex (Cyril Roy) to a rendezvous in a dark, dangerous club called Void. The whole thing is filmed through Oscar’s eyes. We see him only when he looks into a mirror.<a href="http://www.kansascity.com/2010/10/28/2362118/enter-the-void-a-surreal-trip.html" > view the rest here</a>

Episode Synopsis: BOARDWALK EMPIRE “Home” Episode 7 – Nucky purges some bad childhood memories; Jimmy forges a new alliance with a fellow veteran; Luciano (Vincent Piazza) and a friend cut a deal with the DʼAlessio brothers. Written by Tim Van Patten & Paul Simms; directed by Allen Coulter.

LOL i originally read "ANN COULTER" and wasn't so shocked by that. She might be the closest we have to the 1920's these days. 
Okay. Now....

<img src="http://i51.tinypic.com/v3f47t.jpg"/>

hating always on Paz. who told her that her voice was okay for TV? kill it now. with salt, nothing too serious. but enough to kick her bs actress self of this wonder and beautiful show.